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We pride ourselves in developing cost effective, bespoke software solutions, tailored to your specific business requirements. We follow a wholistic approach based on user centred design and user experience principles.

Cre8 Technologies is a level 1 BBBEE , 100% Black owned company with experience spanning over 20 years in the ICT Industry.

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No business operates exactly like all the others, so why be forced into a box and conform to limitations. This will only reduce your uniqueness and competitive advantage.

Allow Cre8 Technologies to assist you in identifying, documenting and developing your unique software products for your business needs. From customer management and reporting solutions, to financial or warehousing systems, to full workflow and tracking requirements… We design, spec, develop, test, rollout and support your required solution.

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Cre8 Technologies understands youth unemployment in South Africa and we have partnered with some of the Top IT service providers around the world to provide blended training at our facilities in Johannesburg. We provide the infrastructure and support required to succeed in the industry.

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